Affiliate Marketing – 7 Essential Tips For Real Beginners

Yes, you CAN make money at affiliate marketing, but you absolutely must do your research and know exactly what you are getting into. Be very careful in purchasing an affiliate marketing program. Many of them, just like most everything else are over hyped and will do nothing but rake in the cash for you if you fall into their trap.

Some of the basics of affiliate marketing will have to be learned before you will be able to make some money online.Like any other business you will need to be able to write or at least copy text on a computer. This is what people think it is all about.

how to do research good affiliate marketing

You will also need to know how to do research to find a good market to sell to. Is their a market out there that isn’t too saturated with too many people trying to sell to them? If yes, then what can be done about it? If there is too much competition then the market is probably not worth going in for.

What you need to do is carry out some market research by going to Google FREE keyword tool. This will tell you how many people search for a specific term in a month. This will give you an idea if there is a market to sell to.

In some cases it might be possible to find a keyword with little to no competition but if there is enough then there should be money to be made in that market.

Once you have found a market then you need to decide on the type of product to sell. The type of product will determine everything from the design of the website that the merchant has chosen to use to the type of advertising material that they will use.

digital products such as eBooks affiliate

Affiliate Marketing

Some of the best products to advertise are digital products such as eBooks, software and audio/video files. Some of these products are available for a variety of different commissions.

Depending on the product and the market that it is targeted the commissions will vary. Digital products usually pay a higher commission due to the fact that there are no variable products to manufacture or ship.

One thing to look for is if you will be able to promote multiple products or if the merchant only has one product. If you promote only one product then all effort is placed into selling it. You only have to generate a lead andFail to sell you product.

affiliate program beginner

Most of the customers in a affiliate program will not purchase a product on the first visit, If they are sent to a merchants page and they don’t return that product then you have lost that sale forever.

Another important thing to consider is the level of tracking cookies that the merchant is using. If the tracking cookie is very long then you will have difficulty sending the customer to the merchants page.

You also want to find out how often the cookieips your cookie. You should make sure its a small amount. Most primary affiliate programs employ cookies that stay for at least 30 days. If the merchant is tracking with cookies that last for 90 days then even if the customer returns and makes a purchase you will not get credit for it.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have now found a niche that you can profit from.

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